Welcome to The Digital Camera Guide

Buying a digital camera can be an exciting time! With the latest technology there is so much a digital camera can do, and you will be truly amazed at how easy it is to take a picture that will last a lifetime. It may be confusing first though, trying to figure out which digital camera is best for you. There are many choices, so you need to know generally what you are looking for before buying a camera.

A digital camera is basically like a small scanner in the way that it scans the landscape or person you are taking the picture of and freezes that picture to give you a higher quality print then a traditional camera would give you. They are very convenient to use. After you are done taking pictures you can simply upload them to your computer and then print them out if you have the right photograph paper, or you can take your memory card to many of the retail stores that have printing kiosks.

Before you buy a digital camera you need to figure out exactly what you want to use it for and how it will best meet your needs. Are you looking for a camera to simply take pictures of family or friends? Do you want to become a digital camera artist? This will help you decide if you are looking for a camera with more megapixels to get a clearer and more precise picture. Are you going to make an enlargement of your photographs? You may want to consider higher resolution. The questions are endless so here are a few basic facts on digital cameras to help you in your decision making process.

Megapixels are going to seem very important to you when you are buying a digital camera. It refers to the maximum number of pixels that will make up the largest photo size for the camera in which you are buying. The more you have, the larger the file size of the photo will be, and the better the printed pictures will look when printing them out. However, if you have an inferior brand of cameras then your megapixels won’t make a difference in the long run. You should get more megapixels on a quality digital camera.

Resolution is also extremely important when buying a digital camera. Technically this is the size of the picture in pixels or 'dots'. The higher the resolution, the better the pictures usually come out. You may not need the highest resolution though depending on what you are using your camera for. If you are an average user then you should go towards high resolution but you certainly do not need the highest available.

This site offers you some of the latest digital cameras that are both for the average user and professionals. Take your time and research any camera that you are interested in, and check out reviews on different models to make sure it is what you are looking for. Then when you are ready to buy you can simply select the category you are interested in, click on your camera choice, and then click on 'Buy'. You will be glad you did!